What is an Emulsifier?

A substance that stabilizes an emulsion, in particular a food additive used to stabilize processed foods.
An apparatus that is used for making an emulsion by stirring or shaking a substance.

An emulsifier is used to mix two liquids together. Such as how water and oil never mix, not until an emulsifier is added. They make it possible for the two liquids to become finely dispersed into one another, creating a stable, smooth, emulsion.

Here is a picture of a random Emulsifier, there are many different models created and manufactured for the purpose of working with various different substances, such as foods, beverages, chemicals, and so forth. These machines need maintenance and repairs done on a regular basis because the small inter-changing parts that rotate, shake, cut, and perform other necessary movements wear down and break after long periods of being used.

Here is a picture of the possible inside.

These are the parts that generally need sharpening and repairs performed. At Hone-A-Matic and Utilities Services, Inc. we provide every imaginable possible fix or routine maintenance for a number of different emulsifier machines. Just contact us today and we will gladly assist you.

Here is another possible Emulsifier that may need servicing or repairs on a regular basis. These types of machines can be found at food production warehouses and at other companies that provide food, beverage, chemical, and other service companies such as water companies.